The Token Engineering Commons is focused on the intersection of tools and culture that will create value-driven communities. We have seen an explosion of decentralized protocols to free the financial system from the control of banks and centralized actors but unless we find a way to coordinate around our shared values then we risk creating another inequitable system. The community of the TE commons is grounded in our cultural build that works from values and principles first and allows us to iterate on the tools and implementations that drive us closer towards our shared goals. The community is made up of a diverse set of people that represents the richness in the token engineering space: engineers, scientists, researchers, educators, ambassadors, philosophers, artists, journalists and soon… YOU!

The community is developing processes and tools to experiment with the best practices and culture which enable a resilient ecosystem. However fantastic these new technological tools are, they have limitations and depend much on human behavior and our relationships with each other. This is why we focus on the cultural build of the TE Commons.

DeFi is interesting but…
As DeFi explodes and blockchain technology teeters on the brink of its next evolution, it is more important now than ever, that the crypto and blockchain space turn its attention on building out good Token Engineering (TE) practices.

Must have strong values/culture
We have better tools for coordination than ever before but without being value aligned/values and a strong culture.
What are your values? Sitting in a basement trying to arbitrage prices on a DEX? Or creating the fundamental tools to coordinate around community values?

Holistic systems design over components

Taking responsibility

“DeFi’s active user base allows us to observe the success and failures of economic mechanisms in real life, it’s a large-scale socio-technical experiment for decentralized networks. The big question is how to control the risk of using immature cryptoeconomic mechanisms, and how to leverage the strength of decentralized systems.” -Angela Kreitenweis, Token Engineering Community