The TEC operates from a prosocial human centered perspective. We hold ourselves to high standards of safety, resilience, and integrity. We encourage our members to be radically open source, non-hierarchical, creative, transparent in their intentions and accountable for their actions. We are value driven, (not profit driven) and will strive to support token engineering projects that appreciate the value of public goods and ethical, inclusive economic systems.

Our Values

→ Prosocial

We value designs that create public goods over profit. Profit is not bad, on the contrary, it is critical towards our goal of creating a regenerative economy that supports the Token Engineering community, but providing services to support the TE community is more important than making a profit.

→ Human Centered

We encourage initiatives that are focused on using token engineering in an ethical manner, and strive to only create positive impact.

→ Safety

Everyone should feel safe to be, interact and express their opinions and contributions free from any malicious reaction.

→ Resilience

We ask members of this community to communicate openly and to make an effort to maintain alignment with the TEC vision, mission and values. If conflicts arise, we expect members to act peacefully towards a resolution and the restoration of harmony and efficiency. If needed, Loie from the Commons Stack can facilitate a conflict resolution process.

→ Integrity

Honesty and consistency lead to trust, which is a core value of healthy communities. Our approach is to trust first, and any instances of scam, mislead, spam or defraud will be treated as a violation of this code of conduct.

→ Open source

Ideas are meant to be shared. We default to using GPLv3 and Creative Commons with attribution licensing on our work, but we accept all open source licenses.

→ Non-hierarchical

Everyone is encouraged to exercise their autonomy, creativity and full agency when acting in the Commons. Every individual is wise in their own manner and the diversity of perspectives enriches our Commons.

→ Transparent

We value individuals’ efforts act transparently, and to proactively identify their incentives, especially if there are conflicts of interest, especially when it comes to proposing, funding, work progress and other important activities involving the TE Commons.

→ Accountable

Community members are expected to be accountable for all their actions and commitments. Accountability brings trust and trusting in each other is critical for our success.

→ Value Driven

We encourage members to support the TE field more so than the opportunity for token values to rise.